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What Are The Most Searched For Water Damage Keywords?


Water damage keywords
After reviewing over 18 months of data, we’ve finally found the exclusive “list”. By determining what the most searched water damage keywords are, you should be able to use this as a starting point to grow your restoration business.

How we tracked these water damage keywords:

By using multiple data sources, we were able to get an aggregate ranking and search volume data set for this highly profitable keyword list.

It’s no secret that as a disaster restoration business, these keywords can make you tons of money. Let’s get into the list below.

Top SEO & PPC Keywords For Water Damage Restoration Industry

1water damage restoration
2water damage service
3water damage company
4water restoration
5water damage cleanup
6flood damage restoration
7water damage services
8water damage restoration company
9water damage restoration companies
10restoration company
11water restoration company
12water restoration companies
13water extraction
14damage restoration
15water removal
16emergency flood service
17water damage repair
18water cleanup companies
19water cleanup
20storm damage cleanup
21water restoration + city
22sewage removal
23flood damage services
24water extraction services
25water damage
26restoration companies near me
2724 hour water removal
28water damage cleanup companies
29flood water extraction
30sewage waste cleanup
You can download a .csv, .xls or .pdf version of this list for FREE.

Finding The Best Keywords For Water Damage SEO

These keywords are a great starting point to start your internet marketing gameplan. By first determing what users are searching when looking for someone who provides restoration services – you don’t go in blindly.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • There are a lot of marketing and SEO companies that inflate these numbers looking for potential customers
  • Just because “water damage restoration” is the most search for doesn’t mean it will convert the most

To get the best chance of getting more water damage jobs, keyword research is important.

High Competition Keywords

If your goal is to rank #1 in your area for these water damage keywords you’re going to have an uphill battle. SEO is a long term plan and you should treat it as such.

Long Tail Keyword Strategy For Your Restoration Company

All of the water damage keywords on this list are going to be highly competitive. Essentially, it’s going to be really hard to rank for these.

Making These Water Damage Keywords Work For You

Now that we’ve given you the most searched for water damage restoration keywords, you need a game plan to start making the phone ring.

Compare These With Your Current Rankings

Your goal is to rank #1 for all these terms in your service area.

Tools you can use to check your water damage keyword rankings:

Check rankings for your water damage keywords

Checking your keyword rankings: Advice from Google

Based on the video below, Google suggests to do a manual search yourself, scroll through the rankings and take notes. But what if you have over 100 water damage keywords you’re trying to track? This is impossible to keep track of!

Using These Keywords for Water Damage SEO

You’re going to have to create customized content pages for most if not all of these search terms. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

Jake Lambert
Restoration guru, internet marketing champion. I help serious restoration companies make tons of money online.
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