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Restoration PPC

67 Negative Keywords for Water Damage Companies

If you’re doing SEO or PPC for water damage restoration, you might know to add things like “iphone” and “laptop” to your negative keyword list, since you don’t fix water damage in electronics.

But did you know you should also add words like “bird,” “well” and “snake”?

Read on for the weirdest search queries that led me to create a crazy-specific list of 67 negative keywords for my restoration PPC campaigns.

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Restoration PPC

What Are The Most Searched For Water Damage Keywords?

Water damage keywords
After reviewing over 18 months of data, we’ve finally found the exclusive “list”. By determining what the most searched water damage keywords are, you should be able to use this as a starting point to grow your restoration business.

How we tracked these water damage keywords:

By using multiple data sources, we were able to get an aggregate ranking and search volume data set for this highly profitable keyword list.

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Restoration PPC

PPC Tips for Your Damage Restoration Company

PPC Restoration Companies

You know that, in this day and age, getting your business on the first page of Google is the best way for prospective customers to find out about your business.

You probably know that there are a number of ways to achieve this – search engine optimization (SEO) through blogging and social media marketing, etc. – but the fastest way to promote your business is through Google Adwords. It’s also the way that gets you the most water damage leads and, therefore, the most money.

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