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Use This Phone Script To Close 68% More Water Damage Jobs

Phone Script Template For Restoration Companies

At Leadamigo, our job is to get you more water damage leads (we’re basically the marketing equivalent of writing your phone number on a bathroom stall).

But just because you get the lead doesn’t mean it automatically turns into a sale.

Sure, sometimes you’ll get those calls turn into instantaneous jobs.

But most of the time you’ll need to communicate with customers, trying to gather information and walking them through the restoration process.

We use custom call tracking software and listen to calls to make sure you’re getting quality leads.

We’ve analyzed thousands of phone calls, and pinpointed the exact moments when restoration companies made the sale and when they lost the lead.

Using this data, we created a free phone script so your employees can crush it in the sales department or your answering service, or even yourself.

As part of our little experiment, we handed this phone script out to restoration companies and discovered that if they used this script they converted 68% more leads into sales.

Just edit the information to match your company’s and voila— you’ve got the secret formula to phone call success!

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The Ultimate Guide To Getting Reviews For Your Restoration Company

Get Reviews For Your Restoration Company

A good or bad review can be the deciding factor when it comes to customers choosing your restoration company over the competition.

According to the researchers at Zendesk, 90% of participants claimed that positive online reviews influence their buying decision, and 86% said negative reviews affected their decision.

Because of the nature of the disaster restoration industry, we’re dealing with people during high-stress situations, so you’re bound to get a couple of bad reviews.

While you can’t please everybody, you can offset bad reviews by having an abundance of positive reviews.

Here are some easy ways to get your customers to leave great reviews for your restoration business.

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Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Your Water Damage Restoration Website


WordPress is an amazing tool to use as a restoration company owner because it lets you work with templates that are super easy and intuitive to build. You almost never have to look at scary HTML or CSS coding. Forget that. That stuff’s for nerds. The best way to bypass code is to use WordPress plugins on the dashboard.

Here are 10 WordPress plugins you should use for your restoration company website to get more water damage leads online:

1. Akismet

Use this plugin to get more water damage leads online.

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10 Marketing Tools We Use To Get You More Flood Jobs

Let’s face it: We’re basically the gurus of getting more water damage leads online.

We understand the restoration business better than any digital marketing agency you’ll ever work with because we’ve partnered with a tons of restoration companies. But we’ve also got Geek smarts: We know which online software are going to help you get more customers online.

These are the 10 tools we use to get your more flood jobs.

1. Google AdWords

We cannot even stress enough how valuable Google AdWords has been to our success as a business. It’s a gold mine for new, high-converting leads.

Blogging and SEO are great for your website, but paid advertisements on Google are where it’s at. And by “it,” we mean “the money.”

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