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9 Competitor Research Tips that Improve Your Water Restoration Marketing

Here’s the thing about competitor research: The very phrase “competitor research” is just code for “spying on the enemy.” During the course of competitor research, you watch your competitor’s every move on the world-wide web. In every way that you should be marketing your own business, you should be monitoring all those efforts from your competitors. Using our super-sneaky spy tactics, you can learn how they’re dominating the Internet without paying a team of hipsters to do your dirty work. Here are 10 ways to spy on your competitors and improve your water restoration marketing:

1. See what directories your competitors use

You’re probably no stranger to marketing directory listings.

But what if you’ve forgotten about a directory? Or what if there are new ones you haven’t heard about yet? Sure, maybe you’re on the main ones, but there could be some piddly little directories that you might not even think to include yourself on.

Google your competition.

Go ahead and type in their company name and see what comes up. Probably their website, their blog – maybe a couple of paid ads, if they know what they’re doing – but you’ll probably also find them on BBB, Yelp and other directories.

Make a list of what they’re listed on and see if you’re included on all those as well.

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Phone Etiquette Tips to Get More Water Damage Restoration Jobs

Your phone rings and – cue dramatic transition music – it’s a water damage lead! But you know better than anyone that getting a phone call doesn’t guarantee you the job. Sure, some calls can turn into jobs instantly, but more often than not you have to communicate with the customer through the estimation process. Here at LeadAmigo, we record all our clients’ calls and listen to them for quality assurance, and we’ve noticed some trends: The companies who are getting and keeping water damage jobs have impeccable customer service. Here are some phone etiquette tips that our clients follow to get more water restoration jobs.

Fake it till you make it

Let’s talk about body chemistry real fast: Did you know that smiling, even when you’re not happy, can trick you into thinking you’re happy?

Smiling on the phone can get your more water damage jobs.

Yeah. Digest that for a second.

Your body’s like, “Hey, I’m smiling. That must mean I’m happy about something.” And it releases endorphins and serotonin and other chemicals that fire off when you’re feeling euphoric.

In other words, pretending that you’re happy to help your customer, even if this is one of your problem customers and you actually hate it every time you’re on the phone with them – like, “Gawd, Mrs. Catlover, no I cannot navigate my equipment around your 12 litter boxes and get the job done right” – will actually make you happy to help them.

That’s sales Inception. Take notes.

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Restoration SEO

3 Tips for Water Damage Companies Who Want to Stay Relevant

It’s hard out there for a restoration company owner. Typically, people don’t even think about your services unless they need them – NOW. It’s important for your company to be top-of-mind when they do need something though; that’s the tricky part. Here are three tips on how you can stay relevant in the eyes of prospective customers.

1. Adapt to New Technological Trends

Technology changes all the time. Like, every second. And if you’re not adapting because “this way works just fine,” you’re going to get left behind.

Things will change around you, and you’ll be out of a job.

Sorry. That’s the hard truth. I know it hurts.

There’s good news though: There are tons of ways you can adapt to new technological trends. Here are a few of them:

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Marketing Tools

Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Your Water Damage Restoration Website


WordPress is an amazing tool to use as a restoration company owner because it lets you work with templates that are super easy and intuitive to build. You almost never have to look at scary HTML or CSS coding. Forget that. That stuff’s for nerds. The best way to bypass code is to use WordPress plugins on the dashboard.

Here are 10 WordPress plugins you should use for your restoration company website to get more water damage leads online:

1. Akismet

Use this plugin to get more water damage leads online.

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Restoration PPC

67 Negative Keywords for Water Damage Companies

If you’re doing SEO or PPC for water damage restoration, you might know to add things like “iphone” and “laptop” to your negative keyword list, since you don’t fix water damage in electronics.

But did you know you should also add words like “bird,” “well” and “snake”?

Read on for the weirdest search queries that led me to create a crazy-specific list of 67 negative keywords for my restoration PPC campaigns.

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Restoration PPC

What Are The Most Searched For Water Damage Keywords?

Water damage keywords
After reviewing over 18 months of data, we’ve finally found the exclusive “list”. By determining what the most searched water damage keywords are, you should be able to use this as a starting point to grow your restoration business.

How we tracked these water damage keywords:

By using multiple data sources, we were able to get an aggregate ranking and search volume data set for this highly profitable keyword list.

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Restoration SEO

5 Steps To A Better Water Damage Website

Water damage website tips

It should be no secret that you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars from your water damage restoration website.

Heck, we routinely have customers who make $50,000+ from just ONE job.


Forget plumber referrals. Forget TPA’s. Websites have the highest return on investment out of any marketing program you have.

Unfortunately, most restoration company websites don’t generate leads.

Listen, it’s 2016.

If you don’t understand the power that your website has (when utilized properly) then you won’t last in this industry in the next 20 years.

The time is now. Start dominating your local service area and make the phone ring. Every single day, there are tons of customers standing in water LOOKING for someone to call.

Your company MUST be the one they contact.

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Restoration PPC

PPC Tips for Your Damage Restoration Company

PPC Restoration Companies

You know that, in this day and age, getting your business on the first page of Google is the best way for prospective customers to find out about your business.

You probably know that there are a number of ways to achieve this – search engine optimization (SEO) through blogging and social media marketing, etc. – but the fastest way to promote your business is through Google Adwords. It’s also the way that gets you the most water damage leads and, therefore, the most money.

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Marketing Restoration SEO Social Media Marketing

9 Proven Tactics for Getting More Water Damage Leads

Thanks to our efforts, one of our clients, Regent Restoration, is killing it. That’s the technical term.

They went from getting 6 calls a month to 410 thanks to our marketing efforts.

Regent Restoration increased their calls by over 200% in just one year.

Here are the 9 proven tactics we use to get more water damage leads.

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Marketing Tools Restoration SEO

10 Marketing Tools We Use To Get You More Flood Jobs

Let’s face it: We’re basically the gurus of getting more water damage leads online.

We understand the restoration business better than any digital marketing agency you’ll ever work with because we’ve partnered with a tons of restoration companies. But we’ve also got Geek smarts: We know which online software are going to help you get more customers online.

These are the 10 tools we use to get your more flood jobs.

1. Google AdWords

We cannot even stress enough how valuable Google AdWords has been to our success as a business. It’s a gold mine for new, high-converting leads.

Blogging and SEO are great for your website, but paid advertisements on Google are where it’s at. And by “it,” we mean “the money.”

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