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Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Your Water Damage Restoration Website



WordPress is an amazing tool to use as a restoration company owner because it lets you work with templates that are super easy and intuitive to build. You almost never have to look at scary HTML or CSS coding. Forget that. That stuff’s for nerds. The best way to bypass code is to use WordPress plugins on the dashboard.

Here are 10 WordPress plugins you should use for your restoration company website to get more water damage leads online:

1. Akismet

Use this plugin to get more water damage leads online.

Luckily, this WordPress plugin comes with most WordPress themes automatically. It keeps people from posting spam-y comments on your blog. Here’s an example of one we got a while back that I saved because it gives me a good, hearty chuckle when I’m feeling down:

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But it’s super annoying to keep getting spam comments on your blog, especially when you get the notification that you have a new comment and you’re all excited that it could be a prospective customer wanting to learn more the water damage restoration process.

Don’t let spammers waste your time. Use Akismet.

2. FormCraft

Use this plugin to get more water damage leads online.

FormCraft allows you to gather customer information so that you can reach out to them faster.

This WordPress plugin won’t apply for people looking for emergency, time-sensitive services like water extraction, but it can be very useful for people who want a water or fire damage estimate.

Of course, you’ll need to come out to access the damage before you can issue an accurate estimate, but most people don’t know that. That’s because most people don’t usually have to deal with the trauma of water or fire damage more than once in a lifetime.

Once people fill out the form, you can let people know that a technician or water damage specialist will reach out to them to schedule a time to perform an inspection.

3. Instapage


Use this plugin to get more water damage leads online.

If you’ve read this post, then you probably know my feelings about Instapage. (If you haven’t read the post, spoiler alert: Instapage is awesome.)

But the plugin for Instapage is so super cool because not only can you create landing pages but you can attach them to your WEBSITE. You can create pages on your website pretty easily on WordPress alone, but creating a landing page on Instapage is even faster.

Because here’s the thing about landing pages: The duplicate content stuff doesn’t apply. So if you wanna make a landing page about “toilet overflow drying” that has almost exactly the same text as a page about water extraction but you just wanna add a small paragraph that specifically talks about toilets leaking and whatnot, you can do that. You don’t have to create all-new content. You’re welcome.

4. Mouseflow 4.3

Use this plugin to get more water damage leads online.

Mouseflow is another cool thing I talked about in 10 Marketing Tools We Use to Get Your More Flood Jobs.

Thanks to the plugin, you don’t have to bother with code in order to track people’s mouse movement’s on your website.

Being able to track this information is super important because it lets you see why someone converted on your website – or why they didn’t.

You should be using these tactics to optimize your website for conversions, but this isn’t a fool-proof plan. Things change. And they change FAST in this day and age where technology changes like your underwear (hopefully).

(Well, actually, hopefully you’re changing your underwear more frequently than technology changes, but ultimately, that’s none of my business.)


Mouseflow lets you see which parts of your website are drawing the most attention. If those parts aren’t your call-to-action, you’re doing something wrong.

Mouseflow is what’s up so this WordPress plugin, by proxy, is also what’s up. Take advantage of it.

5. Yoast SEO

Use this plugin to get more water damage leads online.

Having basic knowledge of SEO is super useful and awesome, but wouldn’t it be even awesome-er if you had a WordPress plugin on your website that helped you optimize your webpages even further?

Well, not to sound like a corny informercial, but guess what: That’s a thing that totally exists that you can have – and use – right now.

And if you call the number at the bottom of the page, we’ll throw in a free Shamwow –

Just kidding. We definitely won’t do that. But you can call the number if you want our help getting more water damage leads online.

Yoast SEO helps your website kick Google’s booty in a number of ways:

  • Rich snippet preview
  • Page analysis
  • Automated meta tag optimization
  • Automated link element insertion
  • RSS optimization
  • Social integration

6. WP Super Cache

Use this plugin to get more water damage leads online.

This WordPress plugin cuts your page load time by a fraction, making user experience much more pleasant – which makes that user that much more likely to purchase your services from you.

That’s a true story, and here’s a fun fact to prove it:

A single second delay in your website loading time can result in a 7% loss in conversion, and 40% of web users will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

WP Super Cache does this through complicated computer magic that works something like this:

  1. A user comes to your website for the first time and the content on your page – the words, the images, the videos, the coding – is all pulled from the server.
  2. WP Super Cache remembers the user and makes a note to give them special treatment the next time they visit your site.
  3. The plugin creates a secret duplicate of your webpage and files it away for later.
  4. The user returns to your website, and the plugin’s like, “Hey, I remember you!” and shows them the duplicate page, making that user’s load time much faster.
  5. The user is impressed with how grown-up your website is and connects this experience with how your services must be.
  6. You get the job.

7. ManageWP Worker

Use this plugin to get more water damage leads online.

ManageWP Worker has both free and paid features that help you manage your website more easily.

If you have more than one website, this WordPress plugin lets you manage all of them from one dashboard. You can also backup your web content to a cloud.

Track your SEO ranking through an easy-to-read dashboard that breaks down how your competitors are performing and how much better you’ll have to be in order to outrank them.

Also, see your Google Analytics stats on the ManageWP dashboard, which means that you have one less window to open on your screen.

8. Shortcodes Ultimate

Use this plugin to get more water damage leads online.

Remember earlier in this article, when I was saying that working with code is scary? That’s still true – don’t worry, there’s no plot twist or anything – but the inconvenient truth is that cool things can’t happen on your website without code.

So, what if you want a better call-to-action button? A different slider? A cat image with Flash-automated laser eyes and your company name in Comic Sans?

Shortcodes Ultimate has you covered.

This WordPress plugin installs a little button at the top of your post, next to “Add Media” that says “Insert shortcode.” Clicking it brings up a whole list of button, box and tab options you can just click to include on your webpage.

No knowledge of scary code required.

9. AMP

Use this plugin to get more water damage leads online.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is the future.

Google says that people’s search behaviors are changing because mobile devices are such a big part of how we interact with the Internet. Google calls these mobile interactions with the SERP “Micro-moments,” and they’re changing the way they interact with users accordingly.

And so should you.

Because you know what else?

Search engines are the starting point for mobile research, with an estimated 48% of mobile internet users starting their search on search engines.

The AMP plugin makes for faster load time on your mobile site. And we’ve already said how important page load time is.

Using this WordPress plugin is a win-win situation.

10. WP Customer Reviews

Use this plugin to get more water damage leads online.

This plugin lets you set up a page where people can add reviews about your services directly on your website.

Displaying reviews on your website adds a level of credibility which creates a trust between you and a prospective customer.

Here’s the really cool thing about this WordPress plugin though: You get to choose which reviews get shown on your website. You can moderate the reviews that come in the same way you would for new comments and then you can, hypothetically speaking, approve all the five-star ones that come in. Exclusively.

There’s also some pretty cool security measures programmed into the plugin that keep people from using your review submission field against you – via spam.


You can use these WordPress plugins to make your website the Michael Phelps of restoration company websites. If you’re interested in getting even more water damage leads online, you can sign up with us today.

Jake Lambert
Restoration guru, internet marketing champion. I help serious restoration companies make tons of money online.
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